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Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is A Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document used to appoint another person or persons [the Attorney(s)] to act on your behalf. The most elaborate and widely used Power of Attorney is the Lasting Power of Attorney which was introduced in 2007 and replaces the former Enduring Power of Attorney.

What Does Introducer Advocates Do?
We prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney to meet your specific needs and are able to act as your Certificate Provider and Witness on the documents. We also complete the process of registering the Power of Attorney at court for you, which is a legal requirement to make the document usable.

If you CALL NOW! for a FREE home visit to draft your Will, your local consultant will be able to give you a full explanation of Powers of Attorney during your appointment.


FIND OUT MORE  about the differences between the types of Power of Attorney available, to give you a bit more insight before your free consultation.

Why Should I Obtain Lasting Power of Attorney?

Having a legal Power of Attorney removes removes the decision-making process from the Local Authority, Social Services, the Court or an appointed solicitor and instead place this responsibility in the hands of your own family – your appointed attorneys. You need a legally appointed Power of Attorney as your family can no longer act on your behalf without a valid Power of Attorney.

What is Enduring Power of Attorney?

The most common Power of Attorney was the Enduring Power of Attorney, but that document was abolished in 2007. All Enduring Powers of Attorney created before October 2007 remain valid today but beware - they are limited to your financial affairs only and do not cover matters pertaining to your healthcare needs. Therefore, if you only have an Enduring Power of Attorney, you may wish to consider having a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney made.


Who Should Have a Power of Attorney and When Should it be Made?

Quite simply, EVERYONE should have a Lasting Power of Attorney. Should you lose your capacity, then you will have lost the right to make a Lasting Power of Attorney altogether and the costs involved can only go up. Once made, you are covered for life so really, the sooner it is made the better!


Who Should I Appoint to be my Attorney?

Our clients often appoint each other and/or their children to be their Attorneys rather than allowing Social Services or the local authority (or the court of protection or solicitor) to handle their affairs if they were unable to do so later through old age, infirmity or loss of capacity. You don’t have to appoint a family member; you can appoint any trusted friend or friends to be your attorney(s) too.


How Do I Get a Power of Attorney?

Lasting Power of Attorney comes in two parts, you can view and download information about LPA for both Health and Welfare or Property and Financial Affairs here:

       Health and Welfare LPA                                        Property and Financial Affairs LPA

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