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Cutting costs: how delivery can help you save more

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

The weekly shopping trip is becoming increasingly stressful. Apart from debates about whose turn it is, there is the inevitable question about when you can squeeze it into your busy schedule, entertaining the kids as you make your way down the aisles and then getting everything you need within ever decreasing budgets.

One the hidden gems I've discovered is home delivery. Most of the major chains offer this service now for varying fees yet many people still view this as a service beyond their reach or as something other people do. However the benefits of doing your weekly shopping on line are worth while considering, particularly if you have a strict budget and are on the lookout for ways to save both time and money.

The online shopping experience can give you greater power and more control to:

1. Stick to your budget - as you pop items into your online basket, you'll see in real time just how much your spending. This way you can juggle your spend as you go rather than trying to tot up amounts as you go along the aisle. Apart from taking a calculator with you, this is by far the best way to see how much you are spending and sticking to it.

2. You might not have the same access to those items that are marked down, but you can see all those items that are on sale in store and plan your shopping accordingly. It can give you access to greater variety too. There may be a family favourite on sale but an even better brand may be on sale and cost the same!

3. It also helps you with planning your meals for the week. As you see the items and how much your spending, you can think more clearly about the meals you are going to eat and how you might be able to reuse leftovers, make things go further and plan for new and interesting recipes. Many on line stores have access to family friendly recipes and with the click of a button it puts all the ingredients into your basket.

4. With many stores you pay as little as a few pounds a month if you can limit your delivery windows to, for example mid week. Some stores offer free click and collect or free home delivery if you can work within certain windows. This is well worth exploring. You can also have things delivered the next day.

5. It's also perfect for planning ahead for Christmas and other special occasions as you can book delivery days in advance and this can really help with budgets and planning your meals at a time when costs seem to go unnoticed and unchecked.

As you begin to explore your options, don't be afraid to shop around too, I know families that spread their shopping across several stores in order to get the best bargains too! However, it's important to be aware of minimum spend levels too, as these could lead to overspend of your weekly budget.

With these great benefits, it's worth exploring your what your favourite store has to offer for delivery, coupons and how it fits with your family schedules to help you save time and money and stick to your weekly shopping budget.

Happy shopping!

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